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Crimson Danger Cover

Crimson Danger is a book being written by me for NaNoWriMo.

After China's victory against the US in the last war, the world was divided. There are now five major nations: United Europe, Greater China, New Russian Union, Japanese Empire and New World. This new world order came about through metal knights, war robots built for military purposes only. With the end of the war, the big five ceased production and use of the Metal Knights. This agreement was known as the Shanghai Pact. After the pact was sealed, there was peace. Everything changed when Great China broke the pact and attacked the borders of United Europe and the Japanese Empire with its Metal Knights. The year is 2038, a year and a half since Greater China attacked the frontiers of the Japanese Empire. As the last hope of the Japanese Empire comes the Crimson Danger, a metal knight, built on a mysterious technology that allows him to become insurmountable. The big question is: who will